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Parking Policy There will be no smoking or alcoholic beverages permitted on the church property at any time! Trash is not to be thrown in parking lot The driver is responsible for the behavior and action of all students in his/her car while on church grounds. All speed limits must be observed: 10 mph in the parking lot and 25 mph in a school zone. Reckless driving will result in the loss of parking privileges. If your parking privileges have been removed over at Cave Spring High School, you may NOT park here. Please do not park in handicap, guest parking, or next to building (between sidewalks that enter the main building.) Please do not park near the upper building or playground areas, only in the front, main parking lot.
Release of Liability - I hereby release Penn Forest Wesleyan Church (aka Penn Forest Worship Center) of any responsibility or liability for loss and/or damages to my vehicle, including but not limited to partial or total theft, collision, fire, acts of god, weather, construction, etc. during the course of my car parking in the church parking lot. I understand that in the event that my car needs to be removed from the premises and/or moved to another spot within the premises I will be responsible for any charges incurred. I understand and agree that neither Penn Forest Wesleyan Church, nor its trustees, directors, officers, pastors, members, employees, representatives, volunteers, instructors, or agents may be held liable in any way for any injury, harm or other damages as a result of parking on their property. I have read the Parking Policy and understand all the regulations for proper parking, driving and conduct. I understand that cars parked in violation of the regulations are subject to booting or towing. I further understand that violation of parking regulations may lead to revocation of parking privileges.
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